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The 22nd EWGLAM meeting (with MAP session), the 7th SRNWP meeting and the 2nd EUCOS meeting were held jointly in Toulouse, on October 9-13, 2000. the announcement the schedule the list of (...)
Article published on 22 November 2001
The 10-years ALADIN anniversary was celebrated in Paris on May 31st, 2001 and a booklet was printed. The second ALADIN Memorandum of Understanding was signed on May 31st 2001 with mainly: an (...)
Article published on 27 September 2001
The 5th Assembly of ALADIN Partners took place in Vienna (Austria) on November 24, 2000. Main conclusions are : The MoU is extended for another 6 months : the working group (France, Romania, (...)
Article published on 27 September 2001
Approval of the revised 2nd Medium-Term (1999-2001) research plan for ALADIN : Three main topics were focussed: maintenance and improvement of the operational versions, high resolution modelling (...)
Article published on 26 September 2001
The participants to this Assembly attended some lectures on : the history, the current status and the prospect for ALADIN-LACE application, presentation of the status of the new (...)
Article published on 24 September 2001


Informations for Toulouse visitors
Here are a few information for future or present visitors in Toulouse : (...)
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This list has been created in order to keep in touch (...)

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Within ALADIN and HIRLAM Consortia, the 3 (...)

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During the HMG/CSSI meeting in April 2013, ALADIN and HIRLAM consortia (...)

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