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1. Needs In Europe, the conditions of recruitment of young researchers in numerical weather prediction (NWP) teams vary significantly from one national (hydro)meteorological service (NMS) to (...)
Article published on 19 January 2005
Jure CEDILNIK, GWD in ALARO-10 prototype, Toulouse, November - mid-December 2004 Martina TUDOR, Training on AROME physics , Toulouse, November - mid-December 2004 Siham SBII, Training on AROME (...)
Article published on 18 January 2005
Research topics for Early Stage Researcher : first guess During the preparation of the first stage submission, partners gave a first guess of the research topics they would be interested in for (...)
Article published on 15 January 2005
from ALADIN (Aire Limitée Adaptation dynamique Développment INternational) to ALADIN-2 (AROME Limited Area Decentralized International Network) via ALARO (transition step between ALADIN and (...)
Article published on 2005
The above table presents the list of Toulouse visitors in 2004 with the subject of their work, their mentor(s), the dates of their visit. See also the reports of 2004 stays. (...)
Article published on 31 December 2004


Informations for Toulouse visitors
Here are a few information for future or present visitors in Toulouse : (...)
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This list has been created in order to keep in touch (...)

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Within ALADIN and HIRLAM Consortia, the 3 (...)

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During the HMG/CSSI meeting in April 2013, ALADIN and HIRLAM consortia (...)

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