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History (reverse order) of the ALADIN cycles ALADIN cycle [1] with memorandum [2]available inMajor modifications introduced in the cyclebased on ARPEGE cyclePhasing team AL48T1 autumn 2020 (...)
Article published on 22 August 2019
Following the success of last years organization, the DAsKIT WD this year was also partly joint with the LACE Data Assimilation Working Days (DAWD): the program started with a joint session were (...)
Article published on 20 August 2019
A WW on "Training on code developments and validation (testing)" was organised in Toulouse on September 9-12 2019 Outline & incentive The Fortran NWP codes have undergone a fair deep (...)
Article published on 27 June 2019
The 41st European Working Group on Limited-Area Modelling (EWGLAM) and 26th Short Range NWP (SRNWP) EUMETNET meetings will be organized in Sofia / Bulgaria (30 September - 3 October 2019) by the (...)
Article published on 18 June 2019
A first draft of the MoU for the single consortium was produced by the convergence Working Group as it was tasked during the latest joint ALADIN General Assembly/HIRLAM Council in Zagreb. This (...)
Article published on 18 June 2019