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Following the success of last years organization, the DAsKIT WD this year was also partly joint with the LACE Data Assimilation Working Days (DAWD): the program started with a joint session were (...)
Article published on 20 August 2019
A WW on "Training on code developments and validation (testing)" was organised in Toulouse on September 9-12 2019 Outline & incentive The Fortran NWP codes have undergone a fair deep (...)
Article published on 27 June 2019
The 41st European Working Group on Limited-Area Modelling (EWGLAM) and 26th Short Range NWP (SRNWP) EUMETNET meetings will be organized in Sofia / Bulgaria (30 September - 3 October 2019) by the (...)
Article published on 18 June 2019
A first draft of the MoU for the single consortium was produced by the convergence Working Group as it was tasked during the latest joint ALADIN General Assembly/HIRLAM Council in Zagreb. This (...)
Article published on 18 June 2019
Day in honour of Jean-François Geleyn Presentations on various aspects of Jean-François’s successful research activities with a pioneering inspiration were given by scientists who have collaborated (...)
Article published on 18 June 2019