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A-L-H Strategy meeting, Toulouse, 3-4 February 2020
Article published on 29 November 2019

by Patricia

One of the elements of the preparations for the merge between HIRLAM and ALADIN will be to establish a common set of strategic objectives for the new ALADIN-LACE-HIRLAM consortium. These strategic objectives will be of two kinds: R&D objectives, and an organizational objective: how to achieve a more effective cooperation between members, in particular members which presently work on different CSC’s. Concerning the latter: two elements which, in the view of the PM’s, should facilitate direct and effective cooperation in the future are believed to be: an increased modularity and interoperability of schemes across CSC’s, and a more common working environment. The definition of what exactly is entailed in increased interoperability and common working environment is something that will need to be elaborated. A clear view should be obtained of the precise objectives to be achieved, their relative importance, and the resources required to achieve them.

A strategy meeting will be held on February 3-4 in Toulouse for defining the strategic objectives for 2021-2025, and identifying the activities and resources needed to achieve them. The goals of this meeting will be to agree on common key objectives for the next five years:

  1. for the usual scientific areas as described in the Rolling Work Plan: data assimilation, dynamics, model parametrizations, surface, EPS, quality assurance and system
  2. the key actions needed to achieve greater interoperability between CSC’s and a more common working environment
  3. the possibilities and challenges arising from new technologies: computational science aspects, optimization of code/algorithms, performance and scalability on a variety of HPC architectures, possibilities from machine learning, the handling of increasingly large data volumes, etc.

The participants in the Strategy meeting will be: scientific experts and current members of the ALADIN, HIRLAM and LACE management teams and the Convergence Working group, with a few additional experts in specific areas. To allow for meaningful discussions, the number of participants to the Strategy meeting will by necessity need to be limited to a maximum of 40 persons.