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The Data Assimilation Core Program and DAsKIT
Article published on 25 September 2018
last modification on 17 December 2018

by Patricia

 DA coordinator position.

The 22nd ALADIN General Assembly approved the creation of a 20% DA coordinator position in ALADIN to assist the ALADIN PM and the CSSI :

  • with the coordination of the ALADIN DA starter countries with their DA activities;
  • with the coordination of the basic kit DA core program (meetings, inquiries, reporting,
    follow up of the actions, link with HIRLAM, ...);
  • with the elaboration of the ALADIN-HIRLAM common work plan for the DA basic kit core

After being selected, Maria Monteiro (from IPMA) started her job as the new ALADIN DA coordinator on January 1st, 2018.

 DAsKIT : Data Assimilation starters kit

  • Extensive inquiry among the 8 DAsKIT ALADIN Partners of the DA core program (see the outcome, as presented at the 28th ALADIN Wk) :
    • all countries have available data to be assimilated in their local DA systems;
    • the know-how to process conventional data using the ALADIN system already exists in all countries;
    • some countries already setup a DA cycling and there is a trend/common wish to invest on surface DA in this moment; data Monitoring and validation tools know-how are missing;
  • Regular video-conferences with DAsKIT countries are established
  • DAsKIT Working Days were held in Bucarest on 19-21 September 2018
    • main topic on surface DA (CANARI+OI_MAIN) and further monitoring&validation
    • focus will be done on the OBSMON monitoring tool and on the HARP3 verification tool.