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Regular 22nd General Assembly and 3rd joint ALADIN GA and HIRLAM Council, Cracow, Poland, November 21-22, 2017
Article published on 12 December 2016
dernière modification le 17 October 2017

by Patricia
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On the kind invitation of the IMGW, and as agreed at the 2nd joint ALADIN GA & HIRLAM Council meeting, the ALADIN GA and the HIRLAM Council will meet in Cracow (Poland) according to the following schedule :

  • on Tuesday 21 November 2017 morning for the 22nd ALADIN GA,
  • on Tuesday 21 November 2017 afternoon for the LACE Council and the HIRLAM Council,
  • on Tuesday 21 November 2017 at 19:00 : Polish feast at Skiennice restaurant
  • on Wednesday 22 November 2017 morning : for the 3rd joint ALADIN GA - HIRLAM C meeting.

The meeting will take place in the Polish NMS premises :

National Research Institute
ul. Piotra Borowego 14
30-215 Kraków

This leaflet contains advice concerning public transport and location of your main destination points during the General Assembly meeting in IMWM-NRI, Krakow, Poland.

Some block reservations have been made (please contact directly the hotel by email, with reference to the relavant Code):

Hotel Hotel Polonia
ul. Basztowa 25
31-156 Krakow
Hotel Ostoya Palace
ul. Piłsudskiego 24
31-109 Krakow
Hotel Logos
ul.Szujskiego 5
31-123 Krakow
Hotel Radisson
ul. Straszewskiego 17
31-101 Krakow
Code: "Instytut Meteorologii" "Instytut Meteorologii" "General Assembly" „IMiGW”
Quota valid until 20.10.2017 20.10.2017 20.10.2017 21.10.2017
Price single/double room in PLN [1] 180/200 PLN 280/340 PLN 230/290 PLN 600 PLN
Number of rooms 10 10 20 10
Notes :

[1PLN : Poland’s currenty, the zloty approx. 1 PLN = 0.25 Euro

Downloads Files to download:
  • cracov.jpg
  • 588.7 kb / JPEG
  • Local information Krakow
  • 275.1 kb / PDF
  • Menu of the Polish feast
  • 207.5 kb / PDF

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