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EMS award for Jean-François Geleyn
Article published on 1 August 2011
dernière modification le 15 January 2015

by Patricia
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GIF Jean-François Geleyn received on Wednesday 14 September 2011
the EMS Silver Medal for his outstanding contributions to the fostering of
cooperation among scientists in European countries. This led to the
development of the ALADIN consortium, the start of the merger between
the ALADIN and the HIRLAM consortium and a productive scientific
interaction within the SRNWP program with the other European consortia.

Please consult Jean-François’s presentation
or the EMS dedicated page

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Jean-Francois with Dominique Marbouty (the new EMS president, who gave the laudatio) and Fritz Neuwirth (the former EMS president, who gave the medal)

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EMS Silver Medal
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  • Jean-Francois’ presentation
  • 548.4 kb / PDF

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