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Contacts between Aladin partners and MF for oper-type of problems
Article published on 15 June 2010

by Patricia
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The following 3 email lists [1] are at disposal of the ALADIN Partners to get in touch with people on shift at Météo-France when they face :

  • problems of access to MF’s network via MF’s firewall (Parme), problems with the transmission of data originating from Soprano/IAA or Transmet dissemination:
  • any problem with the non-disposal of Aladin coupling files or for accessing the BDPE database (this list is targeting MF staff working on shift H24):
  • disposal of coupling files, access to “BDPE” (this list is targeting MF coordinators working in Office hours):

Please note that for problems of uncertain origin, you should send your message both to “exploitation.h24” and “op_aladin”.

Notes :

[1In a fight against spam, the e-mail addresses and lists given on the aladin website have been mutilated. One could easily deduce the proper addresses from the given ones.

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