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HARMONIE 4D-Var working week, Toulouse, 8-12 December 2008
Article published on 15 January 2009
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by Patricia
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Participants: Bernard Chapnik, Nils Gustafsson, Magnus Lindskog and Ole Vignes with support from other Meteo-France staff members (Claude Fischer, Francois Bouttier, Loïk Berre, et al.)

Main topics (see Nils’s report of the working week)

  1. Review of the status of the ALADIN 4D-Var from an algorithmic point of view
  2. ALADIN 4D-Var schematics
  3. A plan for the continued work to develop HARMONIE 4D-Var
  4. Other issues
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  • Minutes from HARMONIE 4D-Var working week
  • 144.7 kb / PDF

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