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Some ALADIN-HIRLAM thematic workshops during MoU3
Article published on 15 June 2008
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by Patricia
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Moist Processes in Future High Resolution NWP/Climate Models 15-17 June, 2009 Norrköping, Sweden details NetFAM
HIRLAM-ALADIN mini-workshop on convection and cloud processes 24-26 January, 2005 Tartu, Estonia details NetFAM [1]
ALADIN-HIRLAM or HIRLAM-AAA workshop on code maintenance and data assimilation 14-18 November, 2005 Budapest, Hungary details
HIRLAM-ALADIN Mini-workshop on physics and diagnostics 12-15 December, 2005 Oslo, Norway details
ALADIN-HIRLAM Workshop on LAMEPS 13-14 November 2006 Vienna, Austria details
Workshop on cloudy boundary layer 12-14 March 2007 Toulouse, France details
HIRLAM-AAA Workshop on surface assimilation 12-14 November 2007 Budapest, Hungary details NetFAM
Workshop on surface, separate energy budget for vegetation 24-26 June 2008 Toulouse, France
Notes :

[1The workshop was arranged in the framework of Nordic Network on Fine-scale Atmosperic Modelling, so-called NetFAM : NetFAM unites twenty Nordic, Baltic and French meteorological institutes from universities and weather services to a research and training network. It aims at complex and comprehensive promotion of fine-scale atmospheric modeling of Nordic-Baltic regional weather and climate processes and man-environment interactions, with strong emphasis on specific qualities of Nordic natural environment and the Baltic Sea influence. To achieve these objectives, the network is designed to cover the whole chain from basic research and researcher training towards the application of the models. The network shares modelling tools, observational and physiographic data, computing and educational resources, in order to strengthen the expertise in the area of fine-scale atmospheric modelling in the Nordic countries and adjacent areas around the Baltic Sea.

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