Additional simulations for the 1st October 2015:
For all the stages, reference simulations are required with:
- fixed albedo= 0.81 and fixed emissivity = 0.98
- z0m = 0.001 m and z0h/q = 0.0001m
- for the one layer snow scheme (bulk) to obtain a correct diurnal cycle we suggest:
-------- - a snow density rho_snow=300Kg/m³
-------- - a thermal coefficient Csnow defined as dTs/dt = Csnow * (Rn-LE-H) with Csnow=3,16734E-5 (Km²J⁻¹).
-------------- - the snow height (h=0.05m) can then be estimated as h=1/(Cn * Csnow) where Cn is the snow heat capacity
----------------estimated by Cn=Ci * (rho_snow/rho_ice) with rho_ice=900Kg/m⁻³ and Ci=1,895E6 Jm⁻³K⁻¹
- prescribed vertical grid (A, B, P, z) on half level (91) or (P, z) on full level (90).

Please specify the reference experiment with exp=FREF.
In case, you can not use all the prescribed surface value but ONLY the prescribed vertical grid: exp=GREF.
Finally, if you can not use the prescribed vertical grid but you have all the prescribed surface characteristics: exp=SREF


example :