1st Announcement of the 2000 EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings

The 22nd Meeting of the European Working Group on Limited Area Modelling (EWGLAM) and the 7th M eeting of the Short-Range Numerical Weather Prediction (SRNWP ) network will be held in Météo-France, Toulouse, France, 9-13 October 2000.

Please find enclosed the tentative schedule of the meetings and the registration form .

This year, some sessions of these meetings will also be dedicated to the Mesoscale Alpine Project (MAP Session, invited speakers only) and to the 2nd SRNWP/EU METNET Composite Observing System (EUCOS ) Meeting on December 99 storms.

Considering the added MAP and EUCOS sessions, the 2000 schedule proposed is sligtly different from those of the previous years, the EWGLAM and SRNWP sessions being more interwoven.

We hereby invite you to nominate your representatives to the EWGLAM Meeting, preferably before 30 June, 2000.

Your representatives are, of course, welcome during the whole week and could attend the SRNWP and EUCOS meetings. A separate announcement will be published by EUMETNET for these two meetings. However, the same registration form is to be used to attend any of these meetings. The joined organization of these meetings with their added sessions is going to be tight. Thus, we would appreciate registrations as soon as possible, for people intending to give presentations.

Please, do not hesitate to contact the organising committee for any comments, questions and remarks. Suggestions of any specific issues you would wish to include in the agenda for general discussion are welcome.

e-mail : ewglam2000++at++meteo.fr ,
fax: +33 5 61 07 84 53 (from France replace 33 by 0).

A web page with informations about these meetings can be consulted on :