End of the CIDEX campaign

After two months of continuous use, the CIDEX equipment, located on Météo France site of Toulouse, INRA, Paul Sabatier Institute of Technology and Fonsorbes sites was dismantled. During this campaign, 8 research radars and a dozen ground sensors contributed to the study of winter precipitations in Toulouse area. Fifteen precipitating events lasting over 5 hours were sampled, 120 hours of data in rainy, snowy or graupel conditions were gathered.

Four of the five snow events of 2009 winter were sampled, beginning with the exceptional one that occurred on the 8th of March during which a dozen or so radio sounding were made on the site of INRA between 06:00 and 16:00 UTC.

Radiosondage effectué sur le site de l'INRA le 8 mars
Radio sounding at the site of INRA on the 8th of March (picture by courtesy of O. Garrouste).